Thermostat Replacement and Repair

When you turn on your air conditioner and it doesn’t seem to be working correctly, it’s easy to think that there is something wrong with the unit itself. There might not be cold air coming from the vents, or the AC may not turn on at all, and before you call a service provider, you might inspect the outdoor unit for problems. It’s very possible that there is nothing wrong with the cooling system itself, and that the problem stems from a faulty thermostat.

At Quamec, we’ve dealt with plenty of broken thermostats, and can diagnose the issues, no matter how small they are. We can remove the old manual model and install a new programmable thermostat, making it easy to precisely control the temperature in your home or office. If you have a modern thermostat and have found that your cooling system doesn’t turn on when you touch the switch, we’ll check the connections and wires to make sure nothing is broken or missing. It’s also possible that your system will turn on when you don’t want it to, or not run long enough to adequately cool the building, and we can help you correctly set your thermostat for the most efficient operation.

If you need a new programmable thermostat for your Miami home or office building, contact Quamec today. We can repair your current thermostat or install a new one, giving you the most control over your interior climate. You’ll be able to set the temperature when you leave and have the AC turn on at the appropriate time before you return.

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Great service and rates. Appt was for an earlier time however I was informed that due to the job ahead of me they would be late to my appointment. That kind of service is important especially when it’s 90 degrees outside and you’re sitting in a condo and its 88 degrees inside. They quickly diagnosed and repaired my problem. THANK YOU!!

Mark K.
Repair and Service of AC Unit, Quamec