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The Importance Of Maintenance On Your A/C

There are a few things sweeter than coming out of the heat into your comfortably air conditioned home. Unfortunately, air conditioning isn’t something we often think about – that is, until it breaks down on a 95° day. You may not realize it, but your air conditioning unit loses about 5% of its efficiency for every year that it is running. Over time, different components weaken and may result in a break down.

Without a routine maintenance, you could end up paying some major repair bills or having to replace the unit altogether.

Fortunately, you can keep your A/C running at full capacity by simply scheduling a regular tune-up visit with one of our technicians. Giving your A/C maintenance once or twice a year is important and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

You’re probably keenly aware of how high your power bills can get during the summer months. Your air conditioning unit a huge power hog, and it will pull more and more power for each year that it goes without maintenance. Even if you have an energy-efficient A/C, those years of neglect will add up and you will end up paying for it when your power bill comes in each month. The good news is, proper care and maintenance might be the solution to all these issues. Having a frequent maintenance service can help you save on your monthly electricity bill and keep your unit running at up to 95% of its original efficiency.

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Great service and rates. Appt was for an earlier time however I was informed that due to the job ahead of me they would be late to my appointment. That kind of service is important especially when it’s 90 degrees outside and you’re sitting in a condo and its 88 degrees inside. They quickly diagnosed and repaired my problem. THANK YOU!!

Mark K.
Repair and Service of AC Unit, Quamec

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