HVAC Repair for Your Noisy System

When you turn on your air conditioner or furnace, the last thing you want to hear is lots of noise coming from the unit. Squealing, screeching, and rattling are all signs that something isn’t right inside your HVAC system, and calling for repairs for soon as possible is always a smart solution. At Quamec Mechanical Contractors in Miami, we’ve helped several homeowners and business owners deal with noisy HVAC units and rattling vents.

A screeching noise can indicate a belt that’s gone bad and is about to break, such as those on the blower motor and if it breaks, your blower won’t turn. It could be that the belt is fine, and the system just needs some maintenance. A certified HVAC professional is the best choice for inspecting the innards of your furnace or AC. If there’s constant rattling in your system, that’s a good indication that something is loose and about to break or disconnect, and calling in a pro as soon as possible is the only way to avoid a major problem. It’s often safe to assume that the louder the noise, the more serious the problem.

When your furnace, air conditioner, or ventilation system is rattling or clicking, don’t let the problem continue. It will only be more frustrating the longer it lasts, and the longer it lasts, the more prone the system will be to complete failure. To avoid an HVAC breakdown in your home or business, call Quamec today. We’re always ready to help take care of any noise in your system.

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Great service and rates. Appt was for an earlier time however I was informed that due to the job ahead of me they would be late to my appointment. That kind of service is important especially when it’s 90 degrees outside and you’re sitting in a condo and its 88 degrees inside. They quickly diagnosed and repaired my problem. THANK YOU!!

Mark K.
Repair and Service of AC Unit, Quamec