Save Money with these 3 Easy Smart Home Upgrades

Once inside your home, there are many more automation options.

Smart lighting offers the ability to control lights from anywhere. Some smart lighting even offers the option of an automatic on/off function once you enter a predefined zone. For example, you can set the lights to come on once you enter your neighborhood or pull into your parking spot.

You can get smart lighting by purchasing smart light bulbs, sockets or switches.

Light Bulbs: These light bulbs can fit directly into your light socket without any additional accessories. The cost is often more expensive than your typical light bulb, but prices continue to come down as availability increases. In addition to the remote on/off capability, some smart light bulbs offer:

  • Dimming options
  • Various lighting color options
  • Turn on/off at a set schedule 
Sockets: Imagine taking any standard light bulb and making it a smart one! Sockets are an easy way to transform your lighting without having to replace all of your light bulbs. Most smart sockets have similar functionality to that of smart light bulbs including:
    • Remote control through smartphone
    • Customized scheduling to meet your daily routine
    • Options to create the perfect lighting ambiance

Plugs and Switches: These accessories are similar to light bulbs and sockets – remotely turning devices on and off as you wish. Each product has its pros and cons and offers a variety of options. Of course, plugs can be used for any device (ex. lamps, coffee maker, curling iron, etc.) that you would like to automate or set a timer that matches your daily schedule.

Make Yourself Comfortable!

Home automation also extends to your indoor comfort! Intelligent heating and cooling are becoming more commonly accepted. Not only can smart temperature control make your life more comfortable and convenient, but some thermostats have shown that they can save you money in the long run. 1

Thermostat: Nest thermostats seem to have paved the way for smart heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). According to its website (, Nest thermostats are used in millions of homes and have saved billions of kilowatt hours of energy. The thermostat has advanced technology that will learn your routine, adjust the temperature according to your preferences, and can be controlled remotely.

Think Smarter Not Harder!

Smart technology for the home is quickly advancing. With a smartphone and the product’s app, you can have more control of your home and your indoor comfort. But there are a few other reasons that smart home technology is being welcomed in millions of homes around the globe.

Security: The safety and security of our families appear to be one of the driving forces of smart home technology. Security systems are adapting as technology becomes part of our daily life. Homeowners now have the option to monitor their own home from their smartphone and receive alerts on activity. This technology gives you the ability to know what is going on at your home while you are not there.

Energy Efficiency: While individual results may vary, the technology offers the possibility to conserve energy. When products are pre-programmed to fit your needs, it reduces the chance that they are operating when no one needs them.

Senior Citizen Care: Smart home technology has the potential to help seniors citizens live easier lives and allows family members to keep tabs on their aging parents. The multiple products can give families peace-of-mind!

The thought of turning everyday products into smart products sounds complicated. However, technological advancements, affordability, and ease-of-use are making the smart home concept more attainable for everyone.

1 Parker, D., Sutherland, K., & Chasar, D. (2016). Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. ACEEE. Retrieved from pa-pers/8_163.pdf

…technology offers the possibility to conserve energy.


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