Avoid High Energy Bills With Expert Air Conditioning Repair

Avoid High Energy Bills With Expert Air Conditioning Repair in Miami & Fort. Lauderdale and Surrounding Areas

Why is my energy bill so high?

When you turn your air conditioner on at the beginning of the summer, you expect your monthly energy bill to increase by a bit. After all, you are adding another appliance to your daily electricity use, and an AC can use quite a bit of power to cool your home or office building. You’re okay with paying the extra money to enjoy a comfortable indoor climate, but if you receive your bill and it’s suddenly skyrocketed by hundreds of dollars, it’s time to call an air conditioning repair expert. The Quamec team in Miami can inspect your AC units and see if they’re running properly and if there’s any way to increase their efficiency.

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Common reasons for high energy bills

Air conditioner efficiency can be affected by several factors, including dirt and debris build-up in the outdoor unit, an old air filter that’s not catching particles, and a thermostat that’s broken or not properly programmed. If you haven’t set the thermostat to keep your AC off while you’re gone, the unit could be coming on when it doesn’t need to and cooling an empty house or office. Dirt and debris will interfere with heat transfer, and your air conditioner will have to work overtime to achieve the desired temperature inside the building. After a month or so of running your AC every day to combat the Miami heat, your energy bill could be very high.

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Avoid inexplicably high energy bills during the year by calling Quamec today. We’re skilled at repairing all types of air conditioning units and can help bring your electricity costs down, no matter how hot it is outside.

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At Quamec, we understand how urgent a service call can be, especially during the summer months when temperatures in South Florida often break the 95 degree mark! With our expert technicians doing the work, you can always expect fast, effective repairs and AC installations. As an HVAC company servicing Miami-Dade & Broward Counties, we can diagnose your AC issues, make any repairs and provide maintenance for years to come. Schedule a free estimate by calling us today 305-846-9209.
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